listen to me talk about my dolls. i ccommand you

fuck this thang

5/24/24 Haven't updated this in a bit as I was away, but while I was busy I also finished him. This time thankfully I was able to measure how much yarn he took (as this skein was not a pound) and it seems to be 42g or about 113 yards of worsted weight yarn. The last doll was primarily aran so the weight for him could be different too. Anyway I hate this doll and I had him crucified on my partner's wall while I was there. I'm giving him to my sister's kid.

I never finished his hoodie, I don't remember if I even took it with me when I went home? That along with an entire bag of beans would be up there on the list of great things to leave behind.

My next project will probably be my fursona. I have so much green yarn from when I was going to make a bunch of themed pieces, including an entire tail. She'll be so cute when she's done!!! Oh, I should make a trollsona doll too, maybe that first. I have made some mistakes when giving my last doll hair, I believe, so I will learn from them to make her. Also her tail will be knitted separately and sewed on, and not just a string. If the other doll's string falls off or something, I'll probably make him an I-cord tail with a tip.

(To be honest he looks bad with the flash on but my overhead light isn't working so you don't get to see him illuminated)

I finished his hoodie yesterday but didn't update because I was busy. (5/15/24) HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!! This is my real masterpiece. The shirt was SO HARD to make, I took several days and 3 test swatches to figure everything out. It was made in one piece, knitting up until the underarm, then picking up stitches accordingly. I knit two extra sleeve pieces to sew on top and crocheted the red lining.

I'm so happy with how it turned out! My only complaints are that weaving in the red yarn made it too visible on the outside (may have to try on the crochet part instead next time) and his body parts are getting a little stretched out by putting it on and taking it off, I think. His arms feel more noodly than they used to. Next time I should probably make the sleeves wider too, perhaps with a wider top part? Or maybe changing how many stitches I pick up.

I probably should have added buttonholes. I've been too lazy to add them in my knitting recently and have just been wearing a hole in the fabric instead, which is probably not a good idea. I also did that for the horn holes in the hood, which is probably why one of his horns is starting to come off. Wasn't too hard to make though, I can make another one. Wearing a hole was the easiest option though, I would not have known where to add a hole while I was knitting it. Buttonholes, though... yeah, I should probably learn how to make those. I want to add an end to his yarn tail because I keep mistaking it for an end I need to weave in, though I'm not sure what I should do. Perhaps I would have to knit the end, and give it a long yarn tail to attach to the doll?

The next doll I also need to fix the leg positioning (and something else? Not sure what is causing them to look like prongs lol) so he can sit more properly. I don't have any skin tone yarns so my options are quite limited. Perhaps I should go into furries. My sister wants me to make her a doll for her baby (she's expecting) so that could be a good option. Looking at my sketchbook however, I have many other outfits I wanted to make for my first doll which I may make if I feel like torturing myself.

I finished his body!! I made his hair way too long at first so I had to trim it just a little bit but AHHH!!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!! ♥♥♥ His arms and legs are identical because I couldn't make the thumb work. I remade his head to redo his face. He also has a little string tail I keep forgetting about! I will make his clothing tomorrow. I won't have to deal with his neck/head being big because everything will be a matter of slipping his arms in and buttoning it. For his top I have to make sure it has a hood that fits his head, and possibly holes for his horns. His belt will be very easy though so I might finish that tonight.

Haven't attached his head yet but already he looks so... something. He's naked! I shouldn't be seeing him like this! Avert your eyes! My partner said Krobus ball OC. Oh, I forgot the horns, but I'll do that with the hair I suppose, after the limbs are done.

I used a duplicate stitch for his eyes (though I screwed up the first so now they're uneven) and just embroidered his stupid little mouth. I used a small amount of stuffing for his arm and filled his butt with beans so he can hopefully sit properly. His arm is a little weird though and he likes to T pose. I'll figure that out later, I guess! I don't think I attached it well enough?

"Sometimes I have dinner with the doll..."

This ugly thing is the prototype of my new knitting project: Doll. I've been knitting lots of Dream blobs recently and they've been both easy and rewarding to make, so the only logical progression is to make a very complicated doll jumping off of the blobs.

Its proportions are sooooo off but I'm entirely winging this so it's fine I guess. I am a very skilled knitter I promise

I did not stuff it because I wouldn't want to waste stuffing on a dummy, so its limp appearance will have to do. I made the head using Ruth Haydock's sphere pattern.

This is the original drawing I'm basing the design off of. Through the trial and error of knitting the dummy and seeing how it comes out, I have determined I likely will not be able to add thumbs to his arms, so he will have to have stumpy arms and legs.

I would like to make interchangable clothing (because I'd like to make multiple) so I'm making a base body (for him it will include the six limbs, horns, hair, and a tail) which I can dress accordingly. I can't use velcro with knitting like I would with Barbie clothes (previous endeavour I did not partake in, but my parents did) so I'm giving them buttons to keep them on, and also because pullover clothes would probably be really hard to make. Imagine a pullover hoodie, now cut it down the middle like a jacket, add some buttons across the middle, and button it up and put it on him. I've discovered I think I have trouble imagining 3D objects so this is harder to plan but at least I have plently of scrap yarn to mess around with. Have yet to figure out how pants will work. Do I make them really tight?

^ my temp yarn